Why is My Furnace Making a Banging Noise?

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Does your furnace make a loud banging noise when it turns on?

Do you regularly service your furnace?

Have you had problems like this in the past?

Don’t wait too long! You could make matters worse if you delay fixing the problem. Avoid the headache now and speak to an experienced contractor for heating in Ann Arbor homes about your problem today!

If your furnace is making a banging noise, it could be a delayed gas ignition, or metal could be under pressure because your air ducts are expanding and contracting.

Delayed gas ignitions can be caused when:

- Too much air mixes with the gas
- Gas pressure is too low
- You have an old furnace with a weak pilot light
- You have misaligned or dirty burners

Metal under pressure can be caused when:

- You have undersized ductwork due to miscalculated proper load calculation
- You have a dirty air filter
- There are closed air vents or dampers
- You have dirty ductwork

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